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Discover Your New Favorite Artist
Discover Your New Favorite Artist

花开富贵 / peony blooming rich

about artist: 大翼林超
Chinese painting is one of the oldest traditional arts in the world, which is completed on paper with a brush dipped in black or colored ink. Chinese painting is the most highly appreciated form of Chinese art. This work includes the painting blooming peony flowers and the calligraphy couplet “唯有牡丹真国色,花开时节动京城”, which depicting the blooming season of ancient peony flowers, people all over Luoyang, the ancient capital of China, feel marveled. The Peony is the national flower of China, which means auspiciousness and wealth.
The size of the whole work: length 136cm, height 136cm. Including, Chinese painting size: length 68cm, height 136cm, and calligraphy couplet size: length 34cm*2, height 136cm.

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